Did You Know?
People don't buy based on facts... they buy because of feelings, emotional needs or perceptions.

Our Approach To Advertising
Customers and buyers are visual consumers. If your ad is well done and visually exciting the battle is half over. You can then focus on the specifics of your campaign and the purpose of your advertisement. We here at SentiMedia do not believe in forceful advertising. We encourage well placed professional ads for our customers instead of low quality spam. Please see our Marketing Page for information on how to reach your customers effectively and directly.

Don't Know What You Want?
With our many years of experience, we can recommend an advertising idea for you, for no additional cost. Just tell us who your audience is, the product and your promotion and we will do the rest!
  Banner Ad     $40.00
  GIF Animation     $50.00
  Flash Animation     $200.00

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