Have It All Your Way.
Some of our customers do not like set prices. Our hosting packages are very affordable and extremely reasonable, but sometimes our customers don't want to pay in advance. For just $9.95 a month, we can maintain your site and perform updates or changes only when you request them. The following prices are for the services that can be added or changed on your site with our $9.95 host plan.
  Email Form     $45.00
GIF Animation     $50.00
  Flash Animation     $200.00
  Web Redesign     $99.00 (Per Page)
  Calendar     $10.00 (Per Month)
  Logo Design     $90.00
  Text Update     $5.00   (Per Page)
  Scanning     $2.00   (Per Scan)
  Catalogs     $100.00 (Per Page)
  Banner Ad     $40.00
  Newsletters     $50.00 (Per Page)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this $9.95 Special Best For Me?
It can be, if you will be making only a few changes to your site. If you will be making regular or more than a few updates to your site than your cost may add up quickly, and one of our packages would work better for you.

What is Web Hosting?
To help you understand web hosting, we have developed a simple analogy. But first, some definitions:

  • Web Site - a group of files and programs that reside on a very robust computer connected to the Internet.
  • Web Server - a computer that stores the files and programs that make up the site, and then allows visitors to access and read those files.
  • Web Host - an interconnected group of web servers containing web site data, that other computers can access through the Internet. Web hosts also provide technical resources and web site maintenance.

Now, think of a web host as a landlord. A landlord builds and maintains the structure, then rents storefronts to various businesses that otherwise cannot afford their own buildings. Each business decorates and operates their store differently and leaves building maintenance to the landlord. Likewise, a web host rents space on a web server to various businesses. Each business builds its own web site while the web host maintains the network of web servers.

Am I under contract or stuck with SentiMedia?
No, there are no contracts to sign. We believe however, that web technology does take time to develop and maintain, therefore we deal with our customers on a 6 or 12 month schedule. Our accounting and billing staff is currently not large enough to support each of our customer demands on a monthly basis. In the future, as we grow, it is our plan to adopt a month to month billing system.

How is the email form created and maintained?
Every customer that visits your site and sends you information, will have that information relayed to the email address of your choice. SentiMedia will forward the information to you.

Do I have to know about all that web creation stuff and server maintenance?
No. SentiMedia will save and delete your files according to your request. SentiMedia will also be responsible for creating, maintaining and backing up all your web site files. All you need to do is tell SentiMedia what information you want and where.

How fast are the updates to my site?
SentiMedia updates most changes to your site within 24 hours, but no later than 48 hours. If your changes require more time than that, you will be notified by a SentiMedia representative. (Back To Top)


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