Take advantage of the web like never before!
Bring your site to your customers. Send out newsletters, promotions, marketing materials, changes and more... SentiMedia can create custom email documents for you with special html encoding which allows graphics, text and links to appear inside your customers email. Now your customers don't have to go surfing around to find out what's new and exciting with you! You can deliver fresh content as much as you desire as well as developing mailing list to regularly stay in touch with your customers. There are tons of different uses for email delivered content and SentiMedia can do it all for you!
Spice it up a bit!
The base price for internet marketing email is $50, but you don't have to stop there. You can spice it up with some action by using an animated gif, or get really fancy with a flash animation. You can even gather information by sending an email form. All of these special features are available to you at great prices! Please see the list below. However, if your on a budget, the base email can include plenty of links, graphics and text to send that special message.
  Email Form     $45.00
GIF Animation     $50.00
  Flash Animation     $200.00

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this spam?
The definition of spam is unsolicited email. Our goal here at SentiMedia is to assist our customers and create lines of communication using internet technology. We believe that every email that our customers send out should only be with the knowledge of the email recipient. We also include an option in every email to the recipient regarding the removal of their name from our databases.

Who do you send the emails to?
We only send emails to the addresses specified by our clients. SentiMedia does not maintain any special databases for unsolicited mail. We maintain databases for our customers and those emails can only be sent to their customers. SentiMedia does not sell or release client information.


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